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Why I can’t find some items from my source resx file in localized output file?

By default Sisulizer saves to .NET output files only translated items, but you can change this setting. This setting is available in .NET source properties dialog:

  • “Project” menu -> “Edit source” -> your .NET source -> “Options” tab -> “Items that localized source files contain”
  • Project tree -> .NET source node context menu -> “Properties” ->”Items that localized source files contain”


Here you can select desired setting from following possibilities:

  • Different – Sisulizer does not write resource items to localized resource file if translation value is empty or translation value of item is same as the original value.
  • Translated – Sisulizer writes to localized resource file all those resource items that have translations. This is default value from build 291.
  • All – Sisulizer writes all resource items to the localized resource file. If no translation is entered in the edit sheet the original value is used. The structure of the localized resource files is identical to the original ones.


  1. If you would like to keep fully matched contents and structure of source file in output file, you can change default value to “All”, but we recommend using of “Translated” or “Different” settings, because it optimizes size of output files, especially for projects with big number of .NET source files and output languages. This also will fully enable the build-in language fallback of the platform where you application runs. If you choose All no runtime language fallback is done but fallback is done by Sisulizer on build process.
  2. These settings are available also for .NET assembly sources, .NET projects sources, .NET solution sources and Silverlight sources.


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