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Why are some of Sisulizer’s menu items invisible in my localization project?

Our customers often are confused by the fact that in some projects important GUI items in e.g. “Project” menu are missing, while in other projects those features are visible in the GUI. They ask us via forum what happened with their Sisulizer installation. This is not bug in Sisulizer or a result of a license problem. This is normal behavior, when your project has enabled “Project is in translate only mode” option. This option is available via “Project” menu -> “Options” -> “General” tab.

Where to select Translate only mode screenshot

Because in this mode users can only translate and optionally build projects, the following options are unavailable:

  • Scan sources
  • Add new sources
  • Edit source properties
  • Edit component settings
  • Add new languages to project
  • Clear row statuses and remove unused items
  • Remove excluded rows and originals

All those feature are reserved only for developers. The “Project is in a translate only mode” option prevents developers from undesired changes performed by translators in project. Because all those features are unavailable after checking above option, so all appropriated GUI items are also removed for projects in this mode. However, changes in GUI require restart of project, both for checking and unchecking “Project is in a translate only mode” option.

Here is screenshot of “Project” menu in standard mode:

Localization project options

And “Project” menu in translate only mode:

Localization project options in translate only mode

Sisulizer always set translate only mode for projects included to translation packages. So if you would like use all developer features in project generated by Exchange Wizard, you need uncheck described here option and restart project.

Janusz Grzybek

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