Who we are

Sisulizer is just a new name for a group of familiar faces that have been in the software localization business since 1994. Sisulizer is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the localization industry.

We are, and not just claim to be technology leader in various fields. We continuously improve our software thanks to the valuable feedback from our customers, mainly software developers like us. Providing a tool that give your translators context, WYSIWYG, and features to create a high quality localized version of your product is our mission. Making you a happy and successful Sisulizer user is our main goal.

Last, but not least we are proud to be independent software vendors (ISV), component, and tool builders, and stay LSP independent!

Markus Kreisel, Sales Director of Sisulizer Ltd. & Co KG Germany, has dedicated over 20 years (since 1987) to the software industry. He was founder of the well known German software tool distributor K&R Software and the web design agency Oink. He is focusing on sales, web development and web design.

Janusz Grzybek was born and lives in Poland. Janusz has dedicated several years to software localization. He is author of Polish localizations for many known freeware and commercial software. Janusz joined the Sisulizer team at the end of 2006 as language partner (he is author of Polish localization for Sisulizer). In August 2008 Janusz also joined our support team. In his many articles on The Software Localization Tool he underlined his outstanding knowledge and experience in the localization business.

Renate Reinartz, Financial Director of Sisulizer Ltd. & Co KG Germany, has dedicated 20 years (since 1990) to the software industry. Renate has managed projects for software development, technical writing, e-learning authoring, and software localization from English to German. Web content localization and search engine optimization (SEO) are her other specialties. Her newest spare time project is a German web site about our new home town Monschau.