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What means red dot in right top corner of translation cell?

Sisulizer marks changed content with a red dot in the translation cell. This gives translators a visual help on top of the various filter options.

Red dots in translation cells mark items with so called “Invalidated” status. Sisulizer automatically assigns this status to rows with existing translations marked with “Changed” status after scan for changes (red dot in Flags column of translation sheet). Invalidated status is cleared automatically after edit of translation for changed original. If you don’t change translation for changed original, you need manually clear this status via row context menu -> “Translation” -> “Invalidated” (Of course you can also check this item for any translation cell). If you use “Project” menu > “Clear Changed Status” all “Changed” statuses will be cleared and by accident you can overlook important changes in original strings required also changes in translations. You can’t revert “Changed” status for items in project, but “Invalidated” dots allows you still to find these potential overlooked items.

Invalidated item


You can use special filter for filtering of invalidated items via “Sheet Filter” -> “Other” tab. It allows you to find quickly all invalidated translations in project. Additionally you can exclude/include invalidated items from/to exchange package (“Exchange Wizard – Filter” step of wizard -> “Other” tab) or export file (“Export Wizard – Options” step of wizard -> “Other” tab). Below is a screenshot with this filter for translation sheet.

Invalidated filter


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That is one of my favorite features of moderne localization tools. I will never forget how frustrating it was to figure out on my own which strings was changed in a new software update. Good luck these times are gone since years. 🙂

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