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What does the red background color of translation cell mean?

Long translations in sheet

This color indicates translations longer than originals. The longer the translation is compared to original length the deeper red will be the color. Some languages e.g. German or Polish often have much longer translations than English originals, and it sometimes causes truncated labels and captions in localized UI, because these long labels exceed dedicated places for these labels in UI. You can disable or change threshold for this feature in translation sheet properties:

  • Right click on translation sheet -> “Properties” item of context menu -> “Parameters” tab
  • “Tools” menu- > “Sheet” -> “Parameters” tab

Long translations settings


1.You can use filter feature for filtering long translations. You can find this filter in the following ways:

  • “Filter” icon on Filter panel toolbar -> “Text” tab- > “Long Threshold”
  • “View” menu -> “Sheet Filters” -> “Edit” -> “Text” tab -> “Long Threshold”

If you type here some values (percentage), Sisulizer shows only translations which are the given value longer than the original value.

Long translations filter

2. You can use Validation feature for searching potential truncated texts or overlapped controls (it could be also result of too long translations) in your translations. Go to “Validation” menu, open “Validate Translations” dialog, and check in “Types” tab following items:

  • Clipped text
  • Control out of client
  • Overlapped controls


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