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What do these red, blue and yellow dots in the Flags column mean?

These dots in Flag column of Translation Sheet indicate new, changed and unused items in source file detected by Sisulizer during scan operation. Typically some or all of these items appear after updating your source file. If these dots appears for not changed sources, it can be a result of some bugs in source files or incorrect Sisulizer behavior. If this occurs we recommend reporting it to Sisulizer support via our forum.

  • Yellow dots indicate new items in source – these items didn’t exist in project file before scan
  • Red dots indicate changed items in source – these items existed in project file before scan, but have changed some properties, for example, changed original string value
  • Blue dots indicate not existing anymore items in source . For this row status Sisulizer has additional settings described in separate article on our blog.

You can use Row statuses filters in Filter panel for displaying rows with selected row statuses. This is a very useful feature, because that allows you to find in an easy and quick way all changed, new or unused status. You can learn more about sheet filers in this article on our blog.

You can clear selected row statuses for whole project via appropriated menu items in “Project” menu. However, I highly recommend first review  all changed items, because after clearing you couldn’t find these items. If project doesn’t contain rows with selected items, related menu items are unavailable (grayed). “Clear New status” and “Clear Changed status” change statuses of rows to “In Use” status, while “Remove Unused items” remove all rows with this status (also translations), but you can automatically save these translations to Translation Memory. This feature is described in this article on our blog.

You can also manually change row status (except Unused status) only for selected row(s) via context menu of translation sheet.

Information about count of rows with selected statuses are also displayed in “Statistics” pane, if you have checked “Row statuses” option for this pane.

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