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Using of SLMake tool – validate task

Validate task-name:”S” – Use a named validation list.This article is part of article set related to SLMake using. In this article you can find information about validate task. This task validates a project. Equals to “Validation” menu of Sisulizer.  Click here, if you would like go to our article with tasks index.


SlMake validate <options> project

  • project -Sisulizer project file (.slp).

Possible options are

-lang:X – List of language codes to be validated. Separate multiple codes with semicolon. Format is ll[-CC][.src]:

  • ll – Two-character ISO-639 language code (e.g. “en”)
  • CC – An optional two-character ISO-3166 country code (e.g. “US”)
  • src – An optional three-character Sisulizer script code

-original – Validate original values instead translations.

-all – Turn on all default validations.

-default – Turn on the default validations.

-name:”S” – Use a named validation list.

-nosave – Do not save the project file even if it gets changed.

-q – Quiet mode. Only errors are shown.

-w – Result code is 2 if errors, 1 if warnings, and 0 if successful. Otherwise result code is 1 if errors and 0 in other cases.

-e – Show detailed error information.

-h – Show detailed help about a task.


  • SlMake validate Sample.slp – Validate translations.
  • SlMake validate -all -lang:de Sample.slp – Validate German translations using all validations.
  • SlMake validate -original -name:”MyCheck” Sample.slp – Validate original values using MyCheck configuration.


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