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Using of SLMake tool – general information

In many cases the developer uses a build file that compiles the release version of the application, creates the setup applications, etc. In such process the interactive Sisulizer application can’t be used. Sisulizer Enterprise edition includes a make tool called SlMake. It is a command line tool and provides an interface for most Sisulizer features including scanning, translation, building, exchanging, importing and exporting. Of course you can use SLMake even if you don’t use it with developer’s tool. Because SLMake is a DOS command tool you can use old, but very useful solution with using batch file. Batch file allows to automate time consuming and often performed operations. You can find this tool in Sisulizer’s installation directory:

c:\Program Files\Sisulizer 4\slmake.exe


<Sisulizer’s installation directory path>SlMake <tasks> project [-q] [-w] [-e] [-h]

Below is the list of parameters available for all tasks:

  • -q – Quiet mode. Only errors are shown.
  • -w – Result code is 2 if errors, 1 if warnings, and 0 if successful. Otherwise result code is 1 if errors and 0 in other cases.
  • -e – Show detailed error information.
  • -h – Show detailed help about a task. For example slmake import -h displays help for import task. If you use –h with SLMake without task, that is, slmake –h, it displays general help about SLMake.


Below is the list of available tasks. These tasks are described in separated articles. To each task name is assigned a link to appropriated article. So when you click on the name of a task in below list, it redirects you to an article with description for the selected task.

  • add – Add a new source and create a new project if needed
  • create – Create localized items
  • duplicate – Translate duplicate strings
  • exchange – Create an exchange package
  • export – Export data to a file
  • fillpseudo – Fill pseudo translation
  • import – Import data to project
  • remove – Remove unused items
  • removepseudo – Remove pseudo translation
  • report – Create a project report
  • scan – Scan project
  • translate – Translate strings using translation engines
  • validate – Validate original or translated values

If no task is given the create task is performed. project is a Sisulizer project file (.slp) to be processed.


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