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Using of SLMake tool – duplicate task

This article is part of article set related to SLMake using. In this article you can find information about duplicate task. This task translates duplicate strings. Click here, if you would like go to our article with tasks index.


SlMake duplicate project

  • project – Sisulizer project file (.slp).

Possible options are

-lang:X – List of language codes to be translated. Separate multiple codes with semicolon. Format is ll[-CC][.src]:

  • ll – Two-character ISO-639 language code (e.g. “en”)
  • CC – An optional two-character ISO-3166 country code (e.g. “US”)
  • src – An optional three-character Sisulizer script code

-nosave – Do not save the project file even if it gets changed.

-q – Quiet mode. Only errors are shown.

-w – Result code is 2 if errors, 1 if warnings, and 0 if successful. Otherwise result code is 1 if errors and 0 in other cases.

-e – Show detailed error information.

-h – Show detailed help about a task.


  • SlMake duplicate Sample.slp – Translate duplicate strings in all columns.
  • SlMake duplicate -lang:de;ja Sample.slp – Translate duplicate in German and Japanese columns.


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