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Unused items automatically disapear from project after scanning. How can I change this?

Automatically removing Unused items from project is a comfortable solution, but leaving Unused items in project has some advantages, too,  for example:

  • you can review all unused items in your project before removing them from project
  • you can re-use these rows in Sisulizer project, if you revert appropriated items in your source files
  • you can manage unused translations, e.g. use these translations for new rows or export it to external file

If you like to keep Unused items in project, you should go to “Tools” menu -> “General” -> “Settings” and uncheck “Remove unused items automatically”.

Instead of using automatically removing, you can manually remove these rows via “Project” menu -> “Remove Unused items”.

When you check “Add unused translations to translation memory” option in “Add settings” tab of selected Translation Memory (“Tools” menu -> “Translations Engines” -> selected Translation Memory), Sisulizer automatically saves translations for unused items to Translation Memory. This allows you to keep your translations for future use.

Janusz Grzybek

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