Tech support, and using our upload form

When you run into problems, our technical support may need your files to reproduce your case. This is when they ask you to upload the required files. To keep it easy and save, we have implemented a special upload form. Just click “Private Upload” button visible in our forum’s post toolbar of the corresponding forum entry.

Private upload for tech support

It redirects you to our site with the upload form. You can see this form on below screenshot:

Send your localization projects savely

Your forum name is automatically filled to the appropriated field, so you don’t need do it manually. Here you can upload the requested files and optionally type in text field additional information for our team. For security reason our upload system allows only uploading files with following extensions:

  • SLP
  • SLO
  • SDS
  • ZIP
  • RAR

If you want to send us other file types, for example CHM, RESX, HTML or DLL, you should pack this file with any archive tool to ZIP or RAR archive.


You can upload files to us directly from your post on forum where you described your issue, and don’t need to send emails to us via your email client. This upload system allows us a better support organization and can speed up our work with your issue. All members of our support team are automatically notified via emails after uploading your files. To this email is also included link to your forum post, so we can connect your file with related forum’s thread.


All files are uploaded to a password protected area on our server. While this area is accessible only by our support team your files are save from public access (unlike the attachments to forum post). Additionally all files are automatically renamed in special encrypted way by our upload system. Your files are used only for testing and resolving your issues, and of course, we don’t share it to third party persons or companies.


  • Our upload form allows on uploading Sisulizer project files (SLP), but sometimes these files can be really very large and it can extend uploading time, especially for slower Internet connection. I recommend in this case compress SLP file with any archive tool to ZIP or RAR. Sisulizer projects are XML files and compression of this file type is very efficient (even to 90%). For example SLP file with size 10 MB after compression will be compressed file with size 1 MB.
  • Theoretically our upload form supports files to 100 MB, however, sometimes uploading of such big files can fail. If you experience similar issues, simple use any archive tool and split this file to smaller parts and next send it to us via our upload form in separated sessions.


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