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SlMake updates in recent builds

We published on our blog article series about the SlMake tasks in the past. However, our R&D implemented a lot new features in the meantime (Last the article about the Slamke was published in Marth 2010). I always update appropriated articles after changes in SlMake, but it is made without announcements. So, articles are still topical, but our users could overlook it. For this reason I decided write this short preview of all new features implemented to SlMake since March 2010.

Build 343

Added -uilangs parameter to exchange task.

Build 334

Added  -config parameter to create task.

Build 332

Added -origlang and -outitem: parameters to add task

Build 323

Added -subdirs parameter to add task. Here is article about this task.

Build 310

Added -input: parameter to create task.

Build 307

Added -name: parameter to validate task. Here is article about this task.

Build 306

Added -invalid: and –marked: parameters to exchange and export task. Here and here are articles about these tasks.

Build 303

Added -output: and –al: parameters to create task. Here is article about this task.


Besides those new parameters our developers improved behavior of some tasks and parameters in the meantime. They also fixed some bugs reported by our users. You can find full info about those changes in our changelog.

If you haven’t read our articles about SlMake yet, I recommend you go to this article with general info and additional links.

Janusz Grzybek

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