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Sisulizer’s support asked me about error output message. How I can send it to support?

Generally we can divide errors on following error types:

  • Application errors: Sisulizer displays standard message windows with information about known errors or opens our Bug Report Tool for unknown exceptions. This tool allows you to send us detailed error call stack with optionally added screenshot and your description.
  • Project errors: Sisulizer displays information about project errors in bottom pane named “Output”. These errors usually occur, when Sisulizer finds unexpected items in source, for example bugs in a source file or not supported elements, it also can occur when Sisulizer can’t scan or build files, because a file is opened in an external application. Sometimes these errors can be a result of quirks in Sisulizer, so information about these errors can help to improve Sisulizer.

This article is dedicated to second point, that is, errors displayed in “Output” pane.

When you would like to send to us an output message, you should first export it to an external file. This is possible in two ways:

  • When you click on first button from left side (Report/Show report) of Output pane toolbar, your output message is exported to external HTML file
  • When you click on second button from left side (Copy/ Copy to Clipboard) of Output pane toolbar, your output message is copied to Clipboard. Next, you can paste it to e.g. text file.

Below is example screenshot from “Output” pane:

Output pane

Sisulier can store specified count of message entries in history. This is useful, if you can’t reproduce error or messages in “Output” pane are immediately replaced by next messages. “History” dialog is available, if you click on fourth button from left side (History/Show history) of “Output” pane toolbar. When you select desired operation in top part of window, in bottom part you should to see detailed log with all message entries for selected operation. Next, you can save it as HTML report or copy to Clipboard.

History dialog

You can customize history settings (e.g. number of stored entries) in “General” tab of “Output Pane Properties” dialog window. This dialog is opened if you click on “Properties” button of “Output” pane toolbar.

History settings

Detailed options for errors messages are available via “Tools” menu -> “General” -> “Output Messages” tab.

Error settings


  1. Error messages can be really long (it contains error call stack) and I recommend keep checked “Display multiple lines of text” option in “Output Pane Properties”, because this option split error message to multiple lines.
  2. You can customize (enable/disable) types of displayed messages e.g. “Detail”, “Hint”, “Warning” etc. in “Messages” tab of “Output Pane Properties” dialog window.
    Message types
    Additional, you can disable or enable selected messages for “Hints”, “Notes” and “Warnings” types in “Tools” menu -> “General” -> “Output Messages” tab.


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