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Sisulizer context menus speed-up your localization

Almost of all Sisulizer GUI items e.g. dialogs, lists, panels etc. have their custom context menus with lot of features, often grouped in appropriated sub-menu – below is an example of cascading context menu of sheet translation cell.

Translation sheet cell context menu

Many of the features available via these context menus aren’t available by other SIsulizer GUI items, so we highly recommend using of mouse right click on all important elements of Sisulizer user interface. Context menus items depend not only on selected Sisulizer GUI items but also on selected source platforms, source element or even language. You can find example illustrated it in this article dedicated encodings. Below is example screenshot of Delphi source node’s context menu in Project menu:

Context menu for localizing Delphi apps

…while below is context menu of a form node for this same source. Both context menus contain these same items, but also some different context menu items.

Context menu for localizing Delphi Forms

Context menus are very flexible and depend even on typed contents. For example, for words with incorrectly spelling you can find in context menu new items related to spell checker feature. Below is an example of sheet translation cell’s context menu for word with incorrectly spelling:

Context menu for incorrect spelling in translation

Next example shows context menu of selected component in Visual Editor.

Context menu for component in Visual Editor

I can’t describe here all possible context menus and their features, because it could extend this article to very big size.  With above short examples I want to encourage you to use both left and right mouse buttons in Sisulizer.


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