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Sisulizer and Microsoft Access 2010 64-bit

With Sisulizer you can localize Microsoft Access database files with all four available database localization methods in Sisulizer, including Cloning. You also can use MS Access databases (both old *.mdb and new *.accdb database file types) as Sisulizer’s Translation Memory engine. Here is article with info about creating new a Translation Memory.

When you installs MS Office 2010 it will also install Access engine, and after that you can use Access with Sisulizer. If you don’t have Microsoft Access and/or Office installed, you can download a free Access engine from Microsoft’s website. It works perfectly with Sisulizer, if you have installed 32-bit Access database engine.

However with 64-bit version of MS Office is also installed 64-bit engine not supported by Sisulizer. For this reason you can’t localize new Access format, that is .accdb, while old, that is .mdb still works because Windows itself contains both 32-bit and 64-bit engines. The problem is that once you have installed 64-bit version of MS Office you CANNOT install 32-bit engine. The installation does not even start. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with solving this issue, because this is Microsoft issue. Optionally, you can switch back to 32-bit MS Office.
Access databases before Microsoft Access 2007 don’t require installation of dedicated driver.


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