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Sisulizer 3 – New HTML Editor

Sisulizer 3 comes with a completely redeveloped HTML Editor. New HTML Editor is more comprehensive and flexible than the editor implemented to Sisulizer 2010. It comes now with four different edit/preview methods for HTML content. You can switch easily the preview/edit method by clicking on corresponding tab which are added on the bottom of the preview window. So you can check quickly all four alternate preview methods for each file.

You can choose the following edit & preview options:

  • Editor – this is your old friend from previous versions of Sisulizer. Sisulizer use own parser for rendering HTML files here, and it allows our R&D on better control and support of issues related to localization of HTML, while this is impossible with third party components. Our HTML parser doesn’t support rendering of CSS, but for preview of visual styles you can use described below “Browser” preview option. Editor allows you on selecting localized text directly in preview window, and translated text is automatically displayed in preview during typing.
  • Browser – this preview method based on Internet Explorer components gives you real preview of HTML file, the same as in your Internet browser. It supports visual styles including CSS. With this method you can see localized items in visual preview immediately after adding or editing translation in sheet. It doesn’t require to build output files – simply, click “Refresh” button (visible on Visual Editor toolbar) after translating item and Sisulizer change content of preview.
  • Source code – this option gives you preview of HTML source code with colored syntax and selectable text items. Sisulizer allows you edit only items visible in sheet, but with “Source code” you can see also not editable tag, attribute and style items. You can’t edit those items, but I think “Source code” preview method is a real milestone, because preview of code gives you full control of localized HTML files.
  • Text – it shows HTML as plain text. It could be sometimes useful, for example if you want to check if “Source code” option correctly displays HTML content, etc.

In current build our old editor inherited from Sisulizer 2010 available via “Editor” tab is disabled by default. However, you can enable this tab at any time, if you need. For doing it you should go to “Tools” menu -> “Editors” -> “HTML Editor…” and check “Use” option.

Applying of this change requires restarting of Sisulizer.

Recently our developers also implemented settings for choosing custom a Web browser used with “Run localized  source” and “Run original source”. So now you can check how localized file behaves with different Internet browsers, while previous Sisulizer’s builds always opened localized files in default Web browser. You can also add default pre and post-name parameters used with selected browser. Those new settings are available via “Tools” menu -> “Platforms” -> “HTML…”.

Above settings doesn’t influence on HTML visual editor behavior.

Janusz Grzybek

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