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Our bug report tool

When during scanning, or building occur errors, and Sisulizer can continue work normally, all useful information about these issues are displayed in the Output pane. It was described in this article on our blog. However, in some cases these issues or other user operations can cause application exception and unstable Sisulizer’s work. In this case, Sisulizer runs our bug report tool. This useful tool was implemented to Sisulizer in version 2008. Bug report tool collects all detailed information related to the exception and allows to send it to us via your default email client, so usually you do not need to perform additional tests or answer our questions. This tool stores only short information about your system required by our R&D team, error call stack data and optionally screenshot. Of course, all these data are used by our team only to resolve occurred issue, so sending this information not only helps us to find a solution for your problem quickly, but also allows to improve our software.

When you encounter unknown exception with Sisulizer, you should see following dialog:

Bug report tool

This dialog have three buttons related to preview/sending of bug report content:

  • Send bug report
  • Save bug report
  • Show bug report

… and three buttons related to application behavior after closing bug report tool

  • Continue application
  • Restart application
  • Close application

When you decide to send or save bug report, clicking on appropriated buttons opens special wizard (Send Assistant), where in first step you should type your name and email address.

In second step you can type your observations related to error circumstances, if error caused one or more times. When you can reproduce error, write here detailed step by step description. All information typed here are very important, and can really speed up our work with your issue.

In the next step you can optionally include screenshot to bug report.

When you clicked “Send bug report”, after closing this wizard your default email client is automatically opened, and you can send it to us. When you clicked “Save bug report”, after closing this wizard is opened Save?Open dialog and you can save bug report on your hard disk as text file.

Of course, before (or instead it) sending bug report to us you can browse bug report information. Simply, click on “Show bug report” and it opens following dialog with two tabs, that is, “General” (with information about OS environment)…

…and “Call stack” (with detailed error information).


After sending email, you can click on “Continue application”, but exception can cause unstable work of Sisulizer, so I recommend use “Restart application” or “Close application”. However, if you have lot of unsaved work, you can click  on “Continue application” button, try to save your project (e.g. with other name) and next manually close/restart Sisuslizer.


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