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My INI source file has LNG as extension and Sisulizer incorrectly recognizes it as nRes file. Can I change this behaviour?

Yes this is possible. Sometimes, developers use custom extensions for known file types. In Sisulizer LNG is assigned to nRes file type, but this extension is often used also for INI files. If you want to use this file extension as INI file type, you should go to “Tools” menu -> “General” -> “File mappings” tab and click on “Add” button. It opens a dialog where you can enter your source file extension (without dot) in the “File extension” field. Next, you should select associated file type from “Parser to be used” dropdown list.

File mapping

Next time, when you will create new project for LNG file, Sisulizer will display new step in Project Wizard, where you can select desired platform. This step is displayed only, when one extension is mapped to multiple source file types.

Project Wizard

You can add also new extension, not available on file mappings list. After adding extension, you needn’t select file type in Project Wizard, and this step is skipped in wizard. For example some language files with INI file type structure use LANG extension. So when you map this extension as INI file, Sisulizer automatically treats file with this extension as INI file. Of course, content of new mapped file should be matched with file type selected in “File mapping” dialog.


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