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My application requires sublanguages, but I can’t add sublanguage to my project

Some developer’s solutions e.g. based on C++ require using sub language IDs for resources, even when languages haven’t sub languages. You can add new languages to project via “Project” menu -> “Languages”, but by default Sisulizer doesn’t display here sub languages for languages with only one sub language (for example Polish or Finnish). However, you can change it by checking “Use sub language when a language has only one sub language” option in “Languages” tab of “General settings”. After checking this option, you should see in “Project” menu -> “Languages” sub language items for all languages, so you can add now e.g. “Polish (Poland)” to your project.

Languages settings


  1. If you like to change your translation language from main language to sub language (and vice versa), you don’t need to add a new language to the project and copy all translations to this new language column. Just right click on selected translation column and select “Language properties” item from context menu. Next go to “Language” tab and select desired sub language from “Country” dropdown menu.

    Language properties

  2. You can’t directly import translations from other project, if one project has this same language without sub language while second has language with sub language extension e.g. “Polish” and “Polish (Poland)”, because languages don’t match. However, you can add imported project to your translation memory via “Tools” menu -> “Translation Engines” -> your translation memory -> “Documents” tab, because feature of adding projects to Translation Memory allows on ignore sub language extensions.

    Import to translation memory


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