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Importing from PO file pair

When you try to import translations from PO/POT file in “Import Wizard – Select File Format” you can to see two items…

  • PO file
  • PO file pair

… and you may ask – what is the difference?

Po file

When you select first item on list, Import Wizard contains all standard steps available for all other file types and Sisulizer tries to import translations from imported PO file to sisulizer project. Import method is always “By context”.

Po file pair

When you select second item on list, Sisulizer requires always two PO files (with source and translated strings). Additionalyl in Import Wizard you can find additional step unavailable for other file types. In this step you need a path to PO file and language source, and a path and language of targeted PO file. You should carefully select language, because when you select here main language without country extension, while your translation language in Sisulizer project contains country extension, import will finish without success. Import method is always “By value”. Below is a screenshot form described above additional step in Import Wizard for PO file pair.


More information about Gettext localization platform (PO/POT files) you can find here and here.

Janusz Grzybek

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