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I would like import translations from my already localized files to Sisulizer’s project. Is this possible?

Automatic import during adding source

When you create a new project or just add a new localizable source, Sisulizer tries to find localized versions of the added sources. This feature is implemented for following platforms:

  • .NET
  • Visual C++
  • VCL
  • Java
  • Qt

Sisulizer settings depend on the source type. Detailed information about these settings can be found in this topic of our online help. When Sisulizer finds files matching these settings, it asks you to import translations from all matched files. In this way you can get translated strings immediately for the just created project.

Project wizard

Import from output files

If you use “Project” ->”Import Translations from Localized Files”, Sisulizer tries to find localized files matched with output pathname settings from your sources properties. More information about output file settings you can find in this article on our blog. You can import translations in this way for all supported source types. Sisulizer for this semi-automated import use following settings:

  • Sisulizer always uses “By context” method for import from already localized files
  • Sisulizer automatically overwrites already existing translations in project
  • Sisulizer doesn’t import translations identical with originals

This feature can be useful if you lost your Sisulizer project file, or output files were edited in external tools (e.g. in Visual Studio).

Project menu

Manually import

If paths to your localized files aren’t matched with Sisulizer’s output settings or you would like to use changed import settings, you can use “File” -> “Import”. This opens “Import Wizard”, where you can select file, imported language and import settings. Sisulizer always uses “By context” method for import from already localized files.

Import options


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