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I want to find nodes with not translated items. How I can do it?

1. Sisulizer has implemented special predefined filter sets available via “View” menu > “View Mode”, or via “Mode” toolbar of Project Tree.

View Mode toolbar

If you select here “Show items that need to be translated” setting, Sisulizer display in Project tree only nodes and sub-nodes with not translated string items. Non translatable items e.g. images and plain binary data aren’t displayed, if you use this filtering solution. Below is example screenshot from Project Tree with filtered contents in this way. When you use these filters, it change icon for “All” node in Project tree.

Filtered tree

If you use “Show items that need to be completed” setting, Sisulizer display all nodes with not translated items and translated items with statuses lower than “Complete” status. This is good solution for reviewing not verified translations. This setting also doesn’t display items with non string data. View Mode filters are also applied to Translation Sheet content.

2. You can also enable displaying translation statistics for Project Tree items. This solution also can help you find nodes with not translated items. You can do it by checking “Show translation statistics” in “General” tab of “Project Tree properties”. This dialog is available via “Tools” menu -> “Project Tree” or “Tree properties” in context menu of Project Tree.

Tree properties

Below are some notes related to statistics displaying:

  • Not translatable data e.g. images are displayed as completed (100%, green color) items.
  • Items with “Do Not Translate” status are also displayed as completed (100%, green color).
  • For excluded items in Project Tree statistics aren’t displayed.

Here is example with enabled statistics for Project Tree:

Tree statistics


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