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I want to disable localization for some rows. What is better – locking or excluding?

Excluding features
Excluded items are removed from Translation Sheet and from scan. Sisulizer has implemented several different features related to excluding of unwanted contents.

1. Excluded data types
This feature is described in other article of this blog.

2. Excluded rows
This feature excludes selected rows in sheet. Strings are excluded from the project by value of context. You can exclude selected Translation Sheet rows via sheet toolbar icon,

Sheet toolbar

via row context menu > “Exclude” -> “Exclude this Row”, or via “Row” menu -> “Exclude” -> “Exclude this Row”.  You can browse excluded rows and restore it to project via “Project” menu -> “Excluded Rows” dialog.

3. Excluded originals
This feature excludes rows from project by the native value. For example, if you exclude “Cancel” original’s string, Sisulizer excludes all occurrences of “Cancel” original’s in project. You can use this feature via row context menu > “Exclude” -> “Exclude … Original”, or via “Row” menu -> “Exclude” -> “Exclude … Original”.  You can browse excluded originals and restore it to project via “Project” menu -> “Excluded Originals” dialog. Below is screenshot of sheet context menu.

Context menu

4. Excluded strings
Sisulizer also allows to exclude custom strings. The strings can contain wild cards (* and ?). For example “Number*” will excluded all string rows that start with string “Number”. “*Test*” will excluded all rows that have string “Test” somewhere. It works on two levels:

  • For all projects you can type custom strings in following dialog: “Tools menu” -> “General” -> “Excluded strings”
  • For selected project you can type custom strings in following dialog: “Project’ menu -> “Excluded strings”. You can find here additional option, that is, “Copy the global settings before scanning”. If this is checked the global setting will be copied into the project before scanning process.

Excluded strings

Do Not Translate feature
Sometimes you don’t want to remove or exclude a row but you just want to disable translating of the row. To do that you can mark any row as “Do Not translate”. Such a row is shown on the sheet but can’t be edited. If row has been set as “Do Not Translate” it has some locked image on flags column on the left side of the sheet.

Do Not Translate

The difference is, that “Do Not translate” rows are scanned but shown as locked in the grid while excluded rows are not scanned and not displayed. If locked strings contain translation, this translation remains in project, but you can’t edit it. You can lock a row via sheet toolbar icon, via row context menu -> “Row” -> “Do Not Translate”, or via “Row” menu -> “Do Not Translate”. If you would like remove “Do Not Translate status”, just click again on toolbar icon, or uncheck appropriated items in context menu or “Row” menu
You can also set “Do Not Translate” status for selected node in Project Tree via context menu of selected node. It locks all content of selected node. If you would like remove “Do Not Translate” status, you should uncheck “Do Not Translate” item in context menu of Project Tree.


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