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I made a mistake. Can I restore a previous version of my project?

Yes, of course. Sisulizer, by default during saving of project creates a copy of previous project’s version. This copy is always saved to the project folder and has identical name as your project, but to the backup of project file extension is added “~” prefix. Here is example screenshot from Windows explorer.

localization project backup

If you want to revert to your old version of the project, remove your project (with extension .slp) or move it to another folder and next change extension of backup file from “.~slp” to “.slp”. Of course, Windows OS ask you about it, so you need to confirm changing of  file extension.

If Sisulizer doesn’t create backup of project file, you need go to “Tools” menu -> “General” -> “Settings” tab and check “Create backup project file” option. Of course, you can uncheck this option at any time, if you don’t want use this feature.

backup creation of localization projects


More information about Sisulizer’s file types you can find in this article on our blog.


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