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I can’t use Google translate in my company network. What I can do?

Sisulizer requires direct connection to the Internet for the following features:

  • using of external Google Translate and Microsoft Translator services
  • using remote translation memory database e.g. based on MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • uploading/downloading HTML files via embedded FTP client for website localization
  • checking for new Sisulizer version
  • downloading of news displayed on Sisulizer start page
  • verifying Sisulizer’s license key

Many of our customers work with Sisulizer in their company networks. Usually these networks are behind a firewall or proxy server for security reasons. Because these network settings can block Sisulizer’s connection with e.g. Google or Microsoft translation engines Sisulizer has implemented a proxy feature. You can adjust this setting via “Tools” menu -> “General” – > “Environment” tab -> “Proxy Server” section.


Here you can type your proxy settings, that are login data, port and selected type of server proxy. Currently Sisulizer supports following proxy servers:

  • HTTP
  • SOCKS4
  • SOCKS4a
  • SOCKS5

If you have checked “Use proxy settings” option without entering proxy settings, Sisulizer try to read (from registry) and use Windows proxy settings. If you have unchecked this option, Sisulizer ignores proxy settings.


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