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I can’t automatically translate some duplicates in my project

This is usually the result of selected method for specifying duplicates to automated translation. You can change it in “Tools”  menu -> “General” -> “Translations” tab. All settings located in bottom part of this dialog are concerned to Translate Duplicates feature. Here you can find “How to select duplicate strings” section with following settings:

How to select duplicate

How to select duplicate strings section contains following settings:

  • By Original – Sisulizer after selecting this settings treats as duplicates all original strings with this same value. This setting gives usually more translated duplicates than second available setting (“By Original and Context” described below), but in some cases, especially when you would like use different translations for this same originals “By Original and Context” could be better solution.
  • By Original and Context – Sisulizer after selecting this settings treats as duplicates only strings that have same context and same original value. This is more strict method, and it sometimes puzzle Sisulizer’s users, because Sisulizer can translate some occurrences of original, while it doesn’t translate others. So if you encountered this issue, simply select “By Original” instead “By Original and Context”

Above this section is visible next important section related to automated translation of duplicates, that is “Duplicate strings” secton. Here you can specify update actions when Sisulizer find duplicate (also for already translated strings) .

Suplicate strings

This sections contains two dropdown menu:
Update translations with following dropdown menu items:

  • “Prompt always” – Sisulizer always display confirmation dialog, both for empty and already translated duplicates. Confirmation dialog display full list of duplicate strings and you can check  or uncheck one, more or all duplicate strings to update.
  • “Prompt translated” – Sisulizer display this same confirmation dialog, but only for already translated duplicates. All empty translations of duplicate strings are translated automatically.
  • “Automatically” – Sisulizer automatically translates empty translations and updates existed translations of all duplicate strings. With this setting Sisulizer doesn’t display any confirmation dialogs.
  • “No” – disable Translate Duplicate feature

Update statuses with following dropdown menu items:

  • “Prompt first” – Sisulizer always display confirmation dialog, where you can select duplicate strings to update of translation statuses
  • “Automatically’ – Sisulizer automatically updates the statuses of all duplicate strings.
  • “No” – no action is done

Sisulizer automatically translate only duplicates for translations with “Translated” or higher translation status. Sometimes (e.g. after using import feature) you can get new translations with “Auto-translated” status, and Sisulizer doesn’t translate automatically duplicates for these new translated items. However, you can use Translate Duplicates feature also for translations with statuses lower than “Translated” via “Column” menu -> “Translate Duplicates” or translation sheet context menu. These actions are performed manually, and for this reason it haven’t limitations related to translation statuses.


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