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I can’t resize my controls in Visual Editor. How I can change it?

This issue could have different reasons, but most common reasons are:

1. You have checked “Integer” item on list of excluded data types in source properties -> “Excluded types”. You can open source properties via Project menu -> “Edit source”, or via “Properties” item in context menu of source node in project tree.
X, Y coordinates, width and height values are integer numbers, so if you want to change these values you need to enable integer numbers for localization in source properties.

Excluded data types

2. You have checked “Project” menu -> “Options” -> “Lock all the components” option.

Project options

3. You have checked “Locked” option in “General” settings of “Visual Editor Properties”. “Visual Editor Properties” are available via “Tools” menu -> “Editors”-> “Form” item, or via context menu of Visual editor.

Editor properties


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