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I can’t import translations from my other projects and Translation Memory to some source in my project, despite the fact that original strings in these projects are identical. What happened?

Sisulizer can import translations when language pairs, that is, original and translation language are matched in both project. Targeted language is always visible in language column header, but original language name is not visible directly in translation sheet. Sisulizer during adding source files to project try detect original language, but if e.g. binary C++, .NET or VCL files contain resources with different language IDs, Sisulizer may incorrectly set up original language. Of course, user can change original language in Project Wizard, but this option is often overlooked. In a result project language pairs (original and translation languages) doesn’t match with language pairs of imported project and Sisulizer can’t import translations. Luckily, you can always check and optionally change original language in project via “Encodings” tab of source properties. You can go to source properties dialog via:

  • Click on “Project” menu -> “Edit source” -> select your source -> “Encodings” tab
  • Right click on your source in Project tree -> select “Properties” item from context menu -> “Encodings” tab

Encodings tab


If you would like check your language IDs of your resources in your C++ (Win32) or Delphi binary files, right click on your source in Project tree and select “Explore” item from context menu.

Explore binary source

Of course you can use also third party resource editors for example:

  • XN Resource Editor (freeware)
  • Resource Hacker (freeware)
  • ResEdit (freeware)
  • PE Explorer (commercial)
  • Restorator (commercial)


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