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How to lock a form in my localization project?

Sometimes developers would like to lock layout of selected form in Sisulizer project and keep other forms editable. Sisulizer allows to lock selected control types, or all forms in whole project selected or sources, etc. in many ways. Here is article about this.

However, Sisulizer hasn’t implemented direct feature for locking all controls in a specified form. But don’t worry, because flexible filtering features allows you do it quickly. All editable items related to form layout, that is x & y position, height, width are Integer numbers, so if you will exclude all Integer numbers in specified form node, it automatically lock sizes and positions of all controls used in this form.

First, you need select desired form in Project Tree, next check “Integer number” item in Filter panel (indicated on below screenshot by red rectangle) and uncheck all other data types in filter. After this action you should see in sheet only Integer numbers. Now you can select all visible content by “Column” menu ” -> “Select Column” or via Column context menu. This second option is visible on below screenshot.

Next, click on “Exclude Row(s)” button visible on sheet toolbar or via sheet context menu.


This operation excludes all Integer numbers in selected form node, so form layout won’t be editable for translator. However, you can later revert all those excluded items via “Project” -> “Excluded Rows…” dialog.


In our example we used filter and excluding features. If you want learn more about filters used here, excluding features and combined using of different filers, I recommend you read below articles:


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