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How to localize InstallShield files with Sisulizer?

Current build of Sisulizer can’t localize binary setup files generated by InstallShield. Anyway, Sisulizer can localize InstallShield project files, and next generate in this tool localized projects. Generally, InstallShield Setup Project files (with ISM extension) have XML syntax and this extension is visible in Sisulizer on the list of supported files as XML sub-item.  The untypical structure of ISM file requires some tricks during preparation of Sisulizer’s project for this file type.

In the third step of Project Wizard you can set up options for your source file. In example tags to localize, you can check or uncheck tags, but if you aren’t sure, you can use default Sisulizer settings, because you can change these settings also in created project later (right click on source item in Sisulizer Project tree -> select “Properties” in context menu > go to “Tags” tab ).  Below is a screenshot from this tab of source properties for my example ISM file.

Above steps allows you to create valid Sisulizer project, but your project still contains lot of items which shouldn’t be localized. These items should be invisible for your translators, but luckily Sisulizer allows you to exclude all these items. On below screenshot is displayed operation for excluding all occurrences of “ISMergeModuleCfgValues” item. Of course you can use this feature for all unnecessary items. You can revert excluded originals at anytime via “Project” menu -> “Excluded originals”.

ISM files can also contain many similar, but not identical localizable items, for example ##ID_STRING1## … ##ID_STRING12## etc. For these similar items I recommend using of  “Excluded Strings” feature  (“Project” menu > “Excluded Strings”) instead “Exclude Original”, because this feature allows you wildcard usage, so if you add ##ID_STRING*## to excluded string list, it automatically exclude all mentioned above strings. If you have more projects with these same not localizable items, you can add these items to the similar list in “General” settings. All strings from this list will be automatically excluded from all projects.

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