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How to install Sisulizer’s samples?

Our samples are very useful for our users and are by default installed during Sisulizer setup. Samples contain not only simple source and SLP files. Typically our samples comes with documentation, resources and code files which can be used within your application, e.g. for implementing switching at runtime. So we recommend installing them with main application. However, if you didn’t know it and unchecked it or you deleted those files by accident, you can reinstall it.

Run latest Sisulizer’s installer and in “Sisulizer 4 Setup – Existing Installation” step select “Modify the existing installation”


Next in “Sisulizer 4 Setup – Select Samples” step check desired items or simply click “Check All” button for installing all those items. Then, click “Next” button in all other steps of setup.


All samples are available via menu File -> Open Sample… or via Open Sample button on Sisulizer’s start page. PDF documents about .NET and VCL localization installed to samples folder can be opened via Help menu.