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How to indicate items with highest priority in localization project

Sisulizer has implemented a feature for assigning different priority to selected items in the localization project. This is an useful feature, but unfortunately often overlooked by users. It allows  for example developers to mark most important items, which should be translated first by translators. This feature is available in Project Tree, and you can assign selected priority to any node or sub-node.   If you want to assign specified priority to selected node, right click on desired node, go to “Priority” sub-menu in context menu and select appropriated priority kind.

prioritize localization

Available priority types are:

  • High
  • Normal
  • Low

Below is same sample with assigned all priority types.

localization project with different priorities

Sisulizer has also implemented special priority filter available via “View” menu -> “Sheet Filters” -> “Edit”. It opens “Sheet Filters” dialog. This dialog is also available by clicking on appropriated button on Filter panel’s toolbar. Here go to “Priority” tab and select desired priorities.

filter localizable items by priority

This filter displays in Translation Sheet only items from nodes with assigned priority selected in this filter setting.


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