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How to indicate in project which items are imported by context and by value?

We often show By context first then by value as most powerful and flexible import method. With this method Sisulizer tries first to import by context, and if no match exists, it imports by value. This combines the merits of By context (more appropriated results) and By value (more translated items) methods.

Usually, items imported by context are very accurate and they don’t require focused attention. Otherwise items imported by value method should checked in more detailed way. Unfortunately, Import Wizard does not allow to select an own translation status for items imported by context and by value in one pass.

However, you can use the following trick to save time and effort.

In our example we assign different translation statuses to items imported by context and by value. For doing it we don’t use By context first then by value method, however we’ll simulate this method by two passes of import operation. First, we set By context import method.

Next, we go in this same Import Wizard step to Import translation status section, check “Set status to” and select not lower a translation status, e.g. “Best Guess”.

Now we can click “Finish” button and perform import operation. After this, we repeat import operation, but now as import method we select “By value” method and change selected status of imported items to lower e.g. to “Auto translated”. Finally we got result similar to “By context first then by value” method, but we can distinguish items imported by value method from items imported by context method, because they have different translation statuses.

Janusz Grzybek

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