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How to get quick info about localization envinroments on your PC?

Translator editions of Sisulizer don’t need any additional developing components on their machines. Developer editions in contrast do require installation of some additional components and frameworks if you want to build output files. Of course, it is not required for most platforms. However, for the following platforms you need to have installed appropriated developing environments:

  • .NET applications (required is at least MS SDK)
  • HTML Help (required is HTML Workshop)
  • Databases localizations (some databases require installation of appropriated engines)

You could check, if your system  meet the requirements of your localization process via “Tools” menu ->”Platform” -> your platform, e.g. .NET. However, if you want to check this in a quick way, simply go to “Help” menu -> “System information” . It opens a dialog with short and condensed information about installed components required to localize .NET applications, databases and info about your Windows and locales via following tabs:

  • Operating System
  • Locales
  • Compilers
  • Databases
  • .NET

On above example screenshot, you can see what types of databases engines are installed on my PC. This list doesn’t show in example Paradox, because I haven’t installed Borland Database Engine.


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