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How to find the source properties dialog?

Source properties dialog contains lot of important settings. We often discuss about those settings in our support forum and our users ask where is this dialog. You could open this dialog via several GUI commands:

  • Open Project menu, go to Edit Source sub-menu and select your source file in the list.
  • Right click on your source node in Project Tree (usually next level node after “All” root node”) and select Properties item in context menu.
  • Select your source node in Project Tree and click “Source Properties” button on Project Tree toolbar.

Below are some additional, short, but useful info about source properties:

  • Source properties dialog may look completely different for different source types. They have different options and even tabs in Source properties dialog. However, some tabs are common for all source types/platforms. Those tabs are: File, Encodings, Engines, and Spelling.
  • Each source (even from same type) has own source properties, and if you changed path or original language in one source, in other source still remain old settings of paths and languages. This is a very flexible solution, because you can manage sources from one project in different ways. However, if you would like to change a setting in many sources, you need to do it separately for each source.
  • If you added a folder as source to project, source properties settings and potential changes are concerned to all files from folder added to project.
  • Many source properties settings require re-scan for applying.
  • Usually changes in source properties require access to source file (e.g. access to file is required for scan), and if source is unavailable (e.g. as result of changed path), you can’t apply changes.

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