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How advanced use of filters increases localization efficiency

I’ve already described Sisulizer filter features in several articles on this blog. But these articles contain only general and theoretical information about filters, while real power of filters is available in combined use of different filter types. So, I decided to write yet another article about filter features.

Below example is based on a real thread from our forum. Our customer wanted to enable for localization only “Caption” and “Hint” items in RT_RCDATA resource for his Delphi application. Solution for this problem is using two of Sisulizer’s filter types, that is text filter and filter for marked items.

First we can extract all items with “caption” text in contexts. For this we should open “Text” tab in “Sheet Filter” dialog (You can open this dialog via “View” menu -> “Sheet filters” -> “Edit”, or via icon on toolbar of Filter panel. Next, type “Caption” in “Context” field…

Back in Sisulizer’s main window we should see in translation sheet only items with “Caption” text in context.

However, we need also to filter “Hint” text. While filtering of this text requires reseting of filter, so we would lose filtered  “Caption” items. For solving this issue we need to use some tricky solution described below.

Select “Forms” node in Project Tree, go to “Columns” menu and click “Select column” menu item. Next, click on “Marked” icon on sheet toolbar.

Now you can reset filters without missing of filtering results because all items with “Caption” text in context have already been marked. After reseting filter you should repeat all above steps for “Hint” text (context filter for “Hint” text, mark all results in sheet, reset filters). As a result you should get marked all context items with “Caption” and “Hint” text  in “Forms” node.

Then, open again “Sheet Filter” dialog, go to “Others” tab and select “False” setting for “Marked” option.

Back in main window of Sisulizer (with selected “Forms” node in Project tree) go to “Columns” menu and click “Select column” menu item. Next, click on “Exclude Rows” icon of sheet toolbar.

It removes all items in “Forms” node from Sisulizer’s project except items with “Caption” and “Hint” text in context. But these items are just invisible until you reset the filter. When you do it, you can optionally select whole column and remove “Marked” flag by clicking on “Marked” icon on sheet’s toolbar. That’s all.

Of course, above solution is only one small example out of the numerous useful combinations by combining filter features. Sisulizer’s flexible filter combinations can be used in many other cases.

Janusz Grzybek

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