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Count of items in exported file doesn’t match with the one of my filter result. Why?

Our customers are often puzzled by this topic. However, this is not a bug in Sisulizer. Typically it is the logical consequence of the Export Wizard settings selected by user. I hope below example allows you to understand this behavior.

Let’s assume that we want to export to an Excel file only items with “Not translated” status from project with three languages added. All these languages have different number of translated items like visible on below screenshot.

When you want to export filtered contents for only one language, count of strings saved to exported file always match with filtered language column in Sisulizer’s sheet. For example, when we export not translated strings only for Polish language from our sample project to Excel file…

…we will get in this file only not translated items in Polish languages, that is “Fourth item”, “Fifth item” and “Sixth item” strings. So all is OK.

But when you select all languages in Sisulizer’s Export Wizard, you will see in Polish column also translated strings.

Hmm… you selected only “Not translated” translation status in filters options – so, what happened? This is simple, strings translated to Polish have “Not translated” status in German (1 & 2) and French (1,2 & 3). Because you selected “Not Translated” status for these languages in Export Wizard, Sisulizer needs to save to exported file also not translated strings for these languages. If you want to get only not translated strings for selected language, I recommend creating separated export file for each language from your project.

I’ve homework for you:

How many items Sisulizer does save to exported file from our example project, if we select Polish and German languages?

Janusz Grzybek

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