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Comparing source and localized resources

For some platforms Sisulizer allows comparing of source forms (VCL) or dialogs (C++) with output file contents. This feature can be very useful if you want to find incorrectly changed positions or sizes of controls, find undesirable items visible in Sisulizer project, or find detailed context of selected string. However, if you want to use this feature you need first to build localized version of your source file. Than right click on selected form/dialog in Project tree and select from context menu:

  • “Show as Text” -> “Compare”
  • “Show as Binary” -> “Compare”

In both cases Sisulizer opens a window with two panels. In the left panel Sisulizer shows resource from original file. In the right panel Sisulizer shows resources from localized file. Differences are indicated by red color values. Green color items indicate changed language properties.

If you select the first item (Show as Text) , you should see contents similar to contents visible in known resource editors, such as, Resource Hacker, PE Explorer, etc.

If you hard work with binary view, you can select Show as Binary option. In this case you should to see view similar to below screenshot.

In both cases you can save results as external text or binary file, print or copy results to clipboard via toolbar of both above mentioned dialogs.


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