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Can I include or exclude a specified property of a selected component?

You can exclude undesirable component’s property when Sisulizer displays its value in translation sheet by using “Exclude Row”, “Excluded Strings” or “Exclude Original”. These features were described in this localization article of our blog. But, you can also exclude specified property of selected component from scanning. However, I recommend using it only if you are an advanced Sisulizer user with programming knowledge. You can do it via “Map Component” dialog. This dialog is available via:

  • Go to “Project” menu -> “Components” -> your source file, or right click on your source node in Project Tree and click on “Components” item in context menu. It opens “Component” dialog, where you should find on list your component. Next double click on item or click “Edit” button on toolbar of “Components” dialog.
  • You can also right click on component with undesirable property in Visual Editor end select “Change Mapping” item from context menu. It opens directly “Map Component” instead “Components” dialog, so you needn’t to search it on component list in “Components” dialog.

Here, go to “Properties” tab and click “Add” button.

Edit component localization

In opened new dialog window type name of property and select “Excluded” option. For applying changes you need to rescan project.

Excluding component from localization

In the other way round, if Sisulizer can’t detect localizable item in your component, you can indicate Sisulizer how it should treats invisible property. Simple, in this same dialog as above type name of property, but instead “Excluded” select “Included” option. If you select this option in bottom part of dialog appears new combo box with list of available data types, where you can select appropriated format e.g. “String”.

If you typed correctly property name and selected right type, after rescan project, you should find in translation sheet new item(s). All included or excluded properties are displayed on components list (“Components” dialog) in Properties column. Included items are marked by “+” symbol, excluded by “-” symbol. Additional in “Status” is displayed “Overloaded” item for all changed components. All properties changes are applied to all occurrences of project in selected sources.

You can find additional information about components support in this article on our blog.


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