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Can I exclude some parts of my exe file from scan?

Yes, this is possible for following source file types:

  • Delphi binary files
  • C++Builder binary files
  • Visual C++ binary files
  • Visual Basic binary files
  • Visual Basic project files
  • Windows resource files

If you add source files (binary or project/resource files) to your project for the above mentioned platforms, Sisulizer displays them in the “Project Wizard” step, where you can check or uncheck detected by Sisulizer resources (parts) for your source file. If a resource type is unchecked Sisulizer doesn’t add it to your project and your localized file will use original resource data. If you would like to change your selection later, you can do it via Resource tab of source file properties. You can open dialog of source file properties using the following ways:

  • “Project” menu -> “Edit source” -> your source
  • Source node in Project tree -> “Properties” item in context menu

Resource tab

If you change resource settings (check or uncheck items on list), you need to re-scan your project or source for applying changes.


  1. Sisulizer’s default settings for Project Wizard are optimized for best performance, and it checks in this case only resources with strings. So I don’t recommend to change it for standard source files.
  2. You can also exclude selected resource node in project tree via context menu of this node instead uncheck it in “Resource” tab. In this case resource is still scanned and exists in the project, but contents of resource is not available for localization.
    Excluded node
  3. If you use “Resource DLLs” localization method (source properties -> “File” Tab) for your Delphi file with unchecked “Copy all resources” option, Sisulizer doesn’t copy not checked or excluded resources to output files.
    File tab
  4. If your binary source file contains custom resources with localizable values, you should check it manually in “Project Wizard” (or later in “Resource” tab of source properties), because Sisulizer by default checks only standard resources with localizable values.
  5. You can also disable selected data types from project (“Excluded Types” tab in source properties). Disabling of selected data type excludes the selected data type from localization for the whole project, while disabling of selected resource excludes selected resource node with all included to node data types from scan. More information about excluding data types you can find in this article on our blog.


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