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Can I edit my source file in Sisulizer?

Our prospects often ask us, if they or their translators could edit and change code in source files for their Sisulizer projects. Sisulizer’s policy is never to change any original files, even if source file is plain text file. If you would translate text in typical text editor, you usually replace original text with new, translated text. However, Sisulizer works in completely different way and never change source file. When you create new project, Sisulizer scan source file for translatable text. Next, you translate those strings in Sisulizer and save it to SLP file. When you generate localized version of your source file, Sisulizer usually copy scanned content of your source file to new localized file and replace original strings with strings translated in Sisulizer. In every step (scan, translation and build) Sisulizer doesn’t change anything in your source files. Probably we never change this our policy in future, because:

  • As I mentioned above, Sisulizer needs to scan source file. This operation is repeated during each build process. So, all potential changes in your source file made could generate weird change loops between source and Sisulizer project. This would break any project logic and would make results unreliable.
  • If you edit/translate plain text file in typical text editor, you need to replace old text with new. If you don’t create backup copy of your source file, you will lose original text once and for all. In this case you can’t go back to original version of previously translated strings, so you also will lose context of whole text. It really makes it hard to localize next, yet not translated strings. But don’t worry, SIsulizer doesn’t change source files, so you are free from this issue.
  • Because Sisulizer doesn’t change source files, so it can’t be used by hackers to crack your software. Also your translators can’t change source files, even, if you send your sensitive files to them. Protection of sensitive data of our customers is very important issue for us, and blocking of editing source file/code is element of this protection policy.

If you would like to edit your source code, you need do it in your developing tool, because Sisulizer is localization tool, not globalization or developing software.

Janusz Grzybek

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