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Can I customize menu shortcuts in Sisulizer?

Of course. This feature was added to Sisulizer 2008 and it is available via “Tools” menu ->”Shortucts”:

Shortcuts dialog

You can here adjust most of menus shortcuts to your needs. This dialog allows you also to resolve potential conflicts with shortcuts used by other applications, especially if these applications work in background when you are working with Sisulizer. When you would like change shotcut for selected menu item, double click this item on the list or select it and use “Edit” button available on right side of the list.

Edit shortcuts

All changed shortcuts are displayed on list with bold font.

When you like to restore default layout of shortcuts (all shortcuts) simply click on “Default” button in “Shortcuts” dialog. To restore only the selected shortcut, select it on list and click on “Restore” button in “Shortcuts” dialog.


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