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Build 339 – selecting translation statuses for build

From build 339 you can specify the minimum translation status that are used when building localized items. By default this is the lowest translation status, Not translated, that means all translation are used no matter what the status is. If you set this value to any higher value then Sisulizer uses only those translations that have translation status equal or higher than the value specified here. This new feature is available via Project menu -> Options -> General tab -> When building use translations that have at least this status.


Here you can select required status in drop-down menu. After selecting, output files will contain originals instead translations with statuses lower than selected. Below is list of all Translation Statuses ordered from lowest to highest:

  • Not translated
  • Best guess
  • Auto translated
  • Translated
  • For review
  • Complete

This feature can be useful in your localization job, for example:

  • If you would like release your application only with high quality and validated translations.
  • You don’t want use poor quality translations provided by machine engines during tests of localized files. They can make unclear those tests and not validated strings with invalid placeholders can crash applications.

This feature works on project level, so selected setting is used for all sources included to project.

Janusz Grzybek

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