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Build 316 – Improved export to TMX and XLIFF formats

With build 316, Sisulizer gives our customers new functionality in Export Wizard. Sisulizer has implemented a very advanced and flexible feature set for export to TMX and XLIFF formats, and gives you a possibility unavailable in other localization tool. Here you can learn how to customize content of exported file. Now, you can specify what Sisulizer should save to translation items in exported TMX or XLIFF file. Additionally, Sisulizer can save translated and not translated translation values to exported file in different ways.
This new feature is available as “Translation value” combo-box in “TMX” tab -> “Options” and “XLIFF” tab of first step of Export Wizard (“Export Wizard – File”).

Below is a screenshot from Export Wizard for TMX export format with visible “Translation value” option:

And for XLIFF export format:

Available settings for this new export option are:

  • Ignore if no value
  • Write empty if no value
  • Write original if no value
  • Write always empty
  • Write always original


With Sisulizer you can not only export localization resources to XLIFF and TMX files or import to Sisulizer XLIFF and TMX files generated by third party tools, but also use those file formats as sources in your Sisulizer project, that is, you could create new project (SLP) for TMX or XLIFF files or add those files to your existing project.

Janusz Grzybek

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