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Build 310 – improved .NET support

Recently our developers had worked hard on improving .NET localization, and as a result of their work we have got new feature stuff for .NET. Below is short list of improvements related to .NET localization implemented to build 310.

  • Sisulizer can now better build .NET assemblies that depend on CPU specific (32/64)
  • XAML and RESX compilation was previous done one by one in build process. Now all XAML and all RESX are compiled in one run. This results in much faster build process.
  • Compilation of XAML improved such way that Sisulizer can include all used assemblies. This should make compilation process more stable.
  • To SlMake’s create command we added input, output and rootoutput parameters. This makes it possible to override output directory on command line build process. It also makes it possible to read dependency assemblies from a different directory than the default directory.
  • Version and icons files are scanned when using project or solution file localization.
  • Assembly version info gets updated in localized satellite assembly files.

This is short and concise article, but it was preceded by big job of our developers.

Janusz Grzybek

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