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Build 300 – Validation improvements

Build 300 comes with significant improvements to validation features. Below you can find short descriptions of these functionalities.

Saving of custom validation sets

With build 300 you can save your favorite validation types for future use. So if you want to use custom validation settings you don’t need every time to check or uncheck selected validation in validation dialog. Just select a saved validation set from dropdown list of saved validation sets visible at the top of validation dialog.

On right side of this dropdown list you can find buttons for management of saved validation sets:

  • Clear selection
  • Save validation
  • Delete validation

If you want save your set of validation items, you need first check or uncheck selected items in validation dialog, next click on Save validation button and type appropriated name for saved selection.

Select a set of saved validation types

Of course, you can save as many custom validation sets as you need. Validation sets can be saved separately for “Validate Translation” and “Validate Original” features. Another advantage of custom validations are that they are saved as Sisulizer’s settings, so you can use your validation sets in different projects.

Validation grouping

Sisulizer validation feature contains many validation types, so for facilitate your work our developers grouped these items into the following common categories:


  • Duplicate translation
  • Empty translation
  • Incorrect spelling
  • Invalid character width
  • Invalid script
  • Missing translation
  • Translation is all spaces


  • Duplicate form hotkey
  • Duplicate menu hotkey
  • Duplicate menu short cut
  • HTML comments
  • HTML tags
  • Inconsistent format string
  • Inconsistent hotkey
  • Invalid amount of new lines
  • Invalid amount of tabs
  • Invalid amount of vertical bars
  • Invalid amount of white spaces
  • Invalid hotkey character
  • Invalid hotkey position
  • Missing colon
  • Missing exclamation
  • Missing question
  • Missing symbol
  • Missing symbol
  • Missing vertical bar
  • Possibly extra format string
  • Required string


  • Clipped Text
  • Control out of client
  • Moved control
  • Overlapping controls
  • Resized control
  • Totally moved control
  • Totally resized control
  • Unknown component

All above items are for “Validate Translation” feature, but of course, grouping is also available for “Validate Original” feature.

On the right side of validation dialog are buttons for selecting all items from a selected category.  When you click on specified category button, Sisulizer automatically check all items belonging to this category.

Validation types


  1. Sisulizer remember last used validation settings (you needn’t save project for this). So, when you open project, Sisulizer automatically previously selected options or validation set.
  2. You can also use your desired validation set with SlMake command line tool. Simply, open Sisulizer project, go to “Validation” menu, select required validation set in validate dialog and close project, that’s all. Next time when you use SlMake validate task, SlMake use settings from selected validation set.


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